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Welcome to — an online store for cast iron dishes

Cast iron dishes, sale of cast iron pans, cauldrons, cast iron pots and pans for pancakes made of cast iron with delivery throughout Lithuania.
The online cast iron cookware store offers you a wide selection of cast iron cookware. Cast iron pans, cauldrons, cast iron toasters and cast iron pots, grill pans. We only have tested factory dishes, the quality of which is confirmed by relevant certificates.

You won't have to think about where cast iron pots for an induction hob or a convenient cast iron pan are sold? You no longer have to think about where and how to buy a real cast-iron pilaf cauldron, pancake pan or cast-iron pan.

Recommend us to friends, family and acquaintances. To do this, we simplified the search for goods as much as possible, made simple payment and created a convenient delivery system for our customers.
Our consultants are always ready to help you choose cast iron cookware
and buy kitchen equipment or, if necessary, place an order.


You can be sure that you are buying real cast iron cookware!

We value our reputation and the health of our customers, so we do not offer questionable quality cast iron dishes. You can be sure of your purchase cast iron dishes, which passed all safety and environmental tests and received only excellent marks user feedback.

Here you will also find related products: sturdy wooden cutting boards for professionals, ladles for cauldrons, various modifications of cast iron pots with aluminum lids and ladles for cast iron pots. And, of course, all kinds of kitchen tools to make cooking easier.

We will save you from thinking about where to buy a cast iron pan in Lithuania or find a cast iron grill pan? How much does a boiler cost? cast iron pan (all prices are listed in our product catalog).



We are waiting for you in the cast iron kitchen utensils online store!

It doesn't matter in which Lithuanian city you live, we deliver goods to your home or the nearest post office. Even if you live in a very remote place, buy a cast iron pan, a pot or a cauldron in the online store is very easy. You just need to familiarize yourself with the products in our catalog, choose the product, choose the delivery method and pay.

Well, we will do everything to ensure that you have no major worries
you would become the owner of a cast-iron kazan (for real Uzbek pilaf) or a cast-iron pot (for porridge or cabbage soup). Or you would get a cast iron pan for pancakes as soon as possible, which will become indispensable in your family.

We are always ready to help you choose, answer questions or give advice!


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